What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits!

What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits!

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is not just about holding on to those difficult poses and doing it on a regular basis. Yoga is about making your body connect to the mind and soul on a spiritual level. It is a form of art that allows you to experience reality and enlightenment. According to Jacobsen, yoga has five important meanings:

  • It is a method of achieving the desired goal
  • It has techniques with which you control the body and the mind
  • The name of the school and the system of philosophy
  • The Hatha, Laya, Mantra prefixes specialising in techniques of yoga
  • The ultimate goal of the yoga practice

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

Yoga as a practice has a number of benefits, it not only helps in giving positive effects to your body, but it also helps in dealing with various diseases. Below are a list of the benefits of Yoga.

The Benefits Of Yoga As An Exercise:

  1. Yoga activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System. By activating, it helps in slowing down the pace of breathing and lowering the blood pressure. Not only that, it also helps in healing and causing a feeling of relaxation in the body.
  2. It helps in making your body work efficiently by reducing the consumption of Oxygen.
  3. Yoga has all sorts of controlled moves which thus helps in lowering the risk of injury.
  4. It helps in toning the muscles.
  5. Helps in providing a boost of energy and with the help of controlled breathing it gives an oxygen-rich air to the body.
  6. Helps in improving the sense of balancing.
  7. Increases the range of motion by making the muscles more flexible.
  8. Develops eye-hand coordination. 
  9. Helps in enhancing the dexterity, i.e improving your skills.
  10.  Improves your endurance level and improves the depth perception. 

The Emotional Health Benefits Of Yoga:

Apart from toning and making your body flexible, yoga also has the ability to strongly connect your mind with the body.

  1. Yoga as a practice helps in uplifting the mood. Whenever you do yoga, it automatically refreshes your body while giving you a boost of energy.
  2. With a good blend of stretches and controlled breathing, yoga helps in overcoming your anxiety.
  3. It helps in fighting the depression by releasing all sorts of negative energy from the body.
  4. It helps in reducing the stress level in the body.
  5. With the help of regular breathing and meditating, it calms the nervous system, thereby helping you in reducing the aggression and hostility.
  6. Helps in motivating and improving concentration.
  7. Helps your thought to have a positive outlook. 
  8. Improves your memory.

Helps you to have a better social skills. The regular practice of yoga helps in learning about the every aspect of the life and its interconnection. With daily practice, you evolve from enhancing yourself personally to connecting with the community on a much greater level.