What is the Best Time to do Yoga!

What is the Best Time to do Yoga!

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Yoga is a form of art where an individual’s mind and body gets connected on a spiritual level. It is a practice that often people tell you to do in the early morning before the breakfast. Indeed is a perfect timing for anyone to start off their day with yoga routines, but what about some people who are not really a morning person. For them waking up in the early morning will be another alternative for work routine, so instead why not do yoga at certain hours that you think will be good for you, that you think your body will be at its best potential. So, In order to help you out with the timings, here are some list of best yoga timings.


Morning time is the best time to do yoga, if you’re an early to bed and early to rise kind of person then this timing will be the best timing for you. A morning yoga helps to freshen up from the last night’s sleep, making your body rejuvenated and full of energy. A morning yoga can be as simple as a ten minute seated meditation or even a Pranayama yoga for a couple of minutes before getting out of the bed. This is a very simple yet great routine to do rather than doing nothing before waking up.


An afternoon yoga can also be the best time to do yoga, as your body is more flexible and open than it is in the early morning. The Afternoon is usually that time where you feel little sleepy and needs a coffee to freshen you up. This is the perfect time where you can do your yoga routine, even if it is just for a few minutes, it will be worth a try. If you’re in the middle of the work, then, try taking out just a few minutes for poses like Cobra, Goddess and Reverse Warrior.


Late evening’s simple yoga routine will be great for your body and mind. A late evening yoga will help you with a good night’s sleep. Before going to bed, a simple yoga pose will reduce any kind of stress level and tension that your body engages in throughout the day. But don’t go all over with your yoga routine, just a few poses like Viparita Karani, Reclined Spinal Twist and forward bends will help you with that carefree sleep.

When Not to Practice:

Just after a heavy meal time is the worst time for you to engage in any kind of yoga activities. Doing yoga in your full stomach will be an unpleasant experience and will definitely interfere with your body’s digestion process. So, try to avoid at least two or three hours after your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Set a Good Time:

Out of the three timings, choose the best time that you think you will not be tired or lazy enough to practice at that time. Yoga is just about making your body free of any tensions so while you engage in that routine, try to avoid all of that negativity and stress causing thoughts. Even if it is just for a half an hour, try to make a habit of doing it in your best timing and in the same timing. But, most of all enjoy and have fun while you do yoga.