Five Best Beginner Yoga For Weight Loss

Five Best Beginner Yoga For Weight Loss!

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Yoga is an art that cures your body in so many different ways. It helps you to calm down your muscles, releases stress and sheds weight. Not only that but meditating is one of the greatest forms of yoga that lets you, deep-dive, into your body to cure the things that you always wanted to. For instance, if you want to shed some weight, you opt for yoga and if you want to stay fit, you opt for yoga. Yoga is truly for everybody. So, if you want to lose some of your weight in order to stay fit then here are five best beginner yoga for weight loss asanas. Feel free to do it at home, in your office or wherever you find yourself comfortable. If you’re ready then let’s get started.

Five Best Beginner Yoga For Weight Loss


Kumbhakasana or plank pose is one of the best asanas to lose weight and strengthen the core. This pose may look simple and easy but once you get down to the business, it shows its colours but this pose is worth every hard work. If you are a beginner then you can try out with 1 minute daily of Kumbhakasana. If you manage to stand for one minute then try it out for five minutes. This yoga pose will really help you in shedding some weight and will give you a toned body.


Sarvangasana or “mother” of all asanas or “queen” really helps in improving the digestion, balances thyroid levels that boost metabolism, strengthens the upper body, abs, legs, improves respiratory system and also helps you to sleep better. Make it a habit of doing this asana every day if you want to lose some weight and be fit.

Ardha Navasana:

This asana really helps in making your tummy flat. While doing this pose, you will feel a certain level of strain in your tummy which thus build up abs by converting your fat into muscles where it stimulates the metabolic rate of the body. This pose tones up your body and makes you look fit and healthy.


This pose helps you tone up your body as well as reenergize you. This asana should be performed early in the morning or when you are empty stomach. Make sure you have a good meal gap of 4 to 5 hours before you do yoga. This yoga pose helps in opening up your shoulder, chest and lungs. Helps in improving balance and increases the ultimate weight loss. Also, Anjaneya is a pose that Lord Hanuman symbolizes as spiritual significance.


We always get impressed by people who have flat tummy. Flat tummy looks fit and amazingly amazing. Whether you wear jeans with crop tops or high rise jeans with fitted tops, flat tummy always outshines. If you want that flat tummy, then give Dhanurasana few minutes in your daily lifestyle. This pose not only flattens the tummy but it a great pose to improve digestion as well as strengthen the thighs, chest and back.

Five Best Beginner Yoga For Weight Loss

Therefore, now that you know what are the five best beginner yoga for weight loss then go ahead and try out this pose whenever you get the time to do yoga. With these asanas, if you would like to know about the benefits of Bikram Yoga or top 5 sitting asanas & their health benefits then hop on to the next articles.