Different Types of Yoga Meditation

Different Types of Yoga Meditation!

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Meditation is a way of healthily stabilizing your mind and offering time for relaxation. It is a type of technique that helps in training attention and awareness, thereby stabilizing your mind and body from the stress and tension causing environment. Not only that, but meditation can also be used with the aim of reducing the stress, depression, anxiety and pain.

For someone who meditates on a regular basis, the practice helps in improving the emotional health as well as the physical well-being. But before you go any further with your meditating routine, here is a 3 different types of yoga that you can explore before sticking to one routine that fits best for you.

Different Types of Yoga Meditation

Body Scan or Progressive Relaxation:

Body Scan or a Progressive Relaxation is a type of yoga meditation that lets you release the noticeable tension in your whole body. If a person feels stressed out, his body, tends to absorb the stress in forms of tense shoulder or muscle knots. When a person carries stress in his other parts of the body, he is often not aware of it. Thus, in a situation like this a body scan meditation helps in releasing those kind of stress and tension. It is a meditative practice that you can perform on a daily basis and involves the following steps like:

  1. Firstly, lie on your back or sit in an outstretched position. 
  2. Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  3. Now slowly feel your belly being expanded gently when you inhale and receded when you exhale.
  4. Now focus on your left foot and feel if there is any light sensations or pain in that area.
  5. Now if your mind doesn’t stay in that area and wanders outside, then gently make a return and focus on the foot.
  6. If you acknowledge any pain in your left foot, then think about the situation or emotions that made it occur. After that gently breathe through it. Observe it and don’t expect the pain to simply vanish, just watch it with mindfulness.  
  7. Now slowly let go of the focus from your left foot to the left ankle and repeat the process.
  8. Slowly and patiently do the following steps throughout the body.  

Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that involves bringing one’s attention to the experiences that is occuring in the present moment. Rather than focusing on the future and thinking about the past, it is a practice that encourages you to focus on reality and the present situation. Researchers have found this type of yoga meditation to improve memory, focus, relationship satisfaction, reduce fixation on negative emotions and lesson the impulsive emotional reactions in human beings. The Mindfulness Meditation involves steps like:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place. Now sit wherever you feel like, but keep your head, neck and back straight but not too stiff.
  2. Try to put aside any of the past or future thoughts. Stay in the present moment.
  3. Focus on the sensation of the air. Feel your belly rise and fall as you breathe. Pay every attention to how you breathe. 
  4. Now stay calm and watch every thought that comes and goes from your mind. These thoughts can be your anxiety, fear, stress and even hope.
  5. When those thoughts arrive, stay calm and make a note of each thought.
  6. If you happen to get carried away by the thought then observe where your mind is and without making any judgements try to simply return to your breathing.
  7. When you’re done meditating, simply sit for a minute or so in order to become aware of the present moment and get up slowly.    

Metta Meditation:

Metta meditation or Loving-kindness meditation is one of the most popular yoga meditation techniques in the world. Yoga has many benefits, but the kind of benefit that a person gets from this type of meditation is pure and makes any person cultivate an attitude of love and kindness towards everything and anything. It is great for those people who are affected by frustration, anger, interpersonal conflict and resentment. The steps for Metta Meditation involves:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place.
  2. Now close your eyes, relax your muscles and take a few deep breaths. 
  3. Now just think about the love, well being and inner peace. While you do this breath out the negative feelings and thoughts and breath in the positive feelings and thoughts.
  4. Repeat some positive phrases like May I be happy, May I be safe, May I give and receive appreciation and May I live with ease.
  5. Keep on repeating the phrases and if your mind wanders somewhere else, then gently redirect it back to the feelings of love and happiness.
  6. You can choose whether you want to stay with this focus or want to change your focus to your loved ones in life like your mother and father, brother or sister, spouse or child, best friend or close friend.
  7. Feel your love and gratitude for them. Stay with those feelings and repeat the phrases like May you be happy, May you be safe and May you live with ease.   
  8. Now in the same way think about your loved ones, think about their well being and happiness. One by one think about as many people you want to, wish the goodness for, even those people who are your enemies.
  9. When you’re complete with your meditation, you can open your eyes and try to feel the positive vibe that you have gotten from this meditation. In your whole day revisit these thoughts and feelings with just a few deep breaths. Try to make yourself habituated to the positive feelings.

So, now that you know these  3 different types of yoga, then go ahead and try to inculcate the habit of daily meditation in your regular routine. Remember time is also key and plays a major role of yoga to show benefits to our body. So, if you want to know the correct time for yoga, then head over to the best time to do yoga article to get the best benefits of yoga.